Memorable Mommy Moments

Mommy Moments

Agreed, it’s the most exhaustive job in the word. But, the most rewarding one too. Here are ten mom moments that I experienced, and that can’t be traded of for all the riches in the world. I am sure you would agree to many here, and have your list too. Bring them on and let’s celebrate the joys of parenthood.

The most honest answer to the question, “so do you like mommy or daddy?”
Till my now four year old was three, I used to get an honest answer to this question. With pure adoration and love she would look into my eyes and say, “I love you the best in the world.” With age the honest barometer has been replaced by diplomacy and now it’s “I love both you and papa.” Ah, you are learning the ways of the world.

Whom do you want to be when you grow up?
I remember asking her this, just for the  answers she would come up with. So sometimes, the answer was a mermaid who could also fly, sometimes a butterfly, sometimes she wanted to be Cindrella, so that she could sweep and mop floors, and once it was a cat. I don’t remember what I wanted to do when I grew up. I guess, I never figured it out, even now.

Where did you get that word from?
Kids are the most creative of us all and are word masters in coining and creating. They may not make it to the Oxford dictionary, but are interesting and sometimes makes you think about their possibilities.  I have heard words like – doned (means its already done), mostest, she teached me, sunscream (for sunscreen) and innumerable others. Next time, when you hear something from your little one, jot it down – if not for anything, just for the laughs.

Will you take care of mumma and papa when you grow up?
You may not have asked this question but haven’t this question crossed your mind at least once? We as parents worry whether our children will care for us, and how much ever we want them to be independent, we wish, they slow down to turn around and ask after us, care for us. I asked my daughter and she told me – “Yes, I will put you on my lap, pat you to sleep, tell you stories, and feed you when you become a baby and I become big. I will your mother then.” I don’t know what the future holds for us, but that answer brought tears to my eyes. Yes, I look forward to you being a mother to me.

See, mamma said she loves me the most!
So there’s always someone who tells you kid that, mom and dad love their sibling or cousins the most, just to get a lill envy out of them. There is always a look of disbelief when they hear it, then you can almost see that little heart break (your heart breaks too when you see it, but you hold back for the last rewarding moment), then a little tear drop glistens, and at last that question –“mamma, whom do you like the most?” And you mention in haste, (eager to mend that little heart) “you my sweet heart, just you.” Then light comes back, and they will turn to the tormentor and answer, “see, mamma said, she loves me the most.” I hate when someone does this to her, but as always, you cannot protect your kids from everything and everyone. The least you can do is to make them ready, to take on life – with courage, positivity and determination.

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