Digital Age Parenting


Having read and learned about Michael phelps …we want all hyperactive children to follow the path…and college dropouts to become..M.Zuckerberg.

At our age, we have accumulated not just information but have also gathered aspirations.

Hold Harbouring unrealistic aspirations

Harbouring unrealistic ideas for your child is only going to ruin your relationship with your child and worst…have a larger negative impact on your child’s attitude towards himself .

Check “your set level of expectancy”

We are not saying that expecting age appropriate behaviour is a crime…the crime or the issue is “your set level of expectancy”. Today as we look and interact with our kids, anxiously we say he/she does not do this. this… this…and conveniently overlook what they can do.

Quick fixes are for upholstery not for your kids

We read, comprehend, relate and depend on technology overtly and in the process, we are harbouring unrealistic, and the icing on the caking…we apply quick fix, finger touch solution to issues that we face with our kids.

When a seed grows, it is not on terms and conditions of any force. Other than the opportunities of nature and self , Individual are like seeds, Journey…life experiences. Interests, and learning are all unique.The growth and journey that every human seed embarks are dependent on their unique self ,pace, and the Right amount of exposure of Good parenting attributes .

At Hopepot we believe … In the garden of life, every flower adds to the beauty, has a purpose, differences and imperfections to be embraced ….and to be let to bloom…

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